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Reception at the Albéniz puts water polo in the spotlight

Verantwortlicher Autor: LEN European Water Polo Palau Albéniz, 13.07.2018, 21:44 Uhr
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Reception held at Palau Albéniz
Reception held at Palau Albéniz  Bild: LEN

Palau Albéniz [ENA] During the official reception held at Palau Albéniz this morning the Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, restated the fact that “Barcelona has always been a city deeply involved with sports, from individuals that participate in some sort of physical activity year round to elite competition sports.”

Colau presided the event alongside Paolo Barelli, President of the LEN, Fernando Carpena, President of the Organizing Committee, and Enric Bertrán, Vice President of the Organizing Committee of Barcelona 2018. Organizing a major sporting event is a tough challenge and they all expressed their hopes that the competition ends up being a success. “Starting tomorrow Barcelona will be the center of attention of the sporting world, more specifically the water polo world. Water polo is a discipline that is deeply entrenched in Spain due to the number of clubs, participants and titles conquered along the years”, she stated.

Moving on, Barelli is confident that the “Championships will be fantastic” while insisting that “the 28 participating European teams represent the best level of water polo in the world.” Adding on, the reach that the Championships will have can be determined by a series of figures released by LEN the past days. 34 TV stations have purchased the rights, more than 50 countries will have images from Barcelona 2018 and there is an audience of one billion TV viewers expected worldwide.

Furthermore, Carpena has expressed his gratitude towards “institutions, the Barcelona City Council, and sponsors for their support”. “I’m convinced that the competition will be a success - he added -. It will be a special event that will be managed by professionals who have been working diligently throughout the last year. With the proven experience of the organizers of Barcelona 2018 I am confident that the Championships will be a step forward to continue the progress in our sports at all levels”.

The complete squad of the women’s Spanish team and the Hungarian coach, Attila Bíró, accompanied by the Hungarian player Anna Illés were present at the event, which concluded with a press conference inside the Palauet Albániz. Precisely, it is Spain and Hungary who will face each other tomorrow night after the opening ceremony- at 22:15 hours. Their matchup will be the most interesting game of the first day of competition as they are the last two European Champions. Spain and Hungary were drawn in the same group alongside Russia, Germany, Turkey, and Serbia.

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