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Bioginnastica® gymnastics that massages the body

Verantwortlicher Autor: Letizia Signorin EN, 03.04.2020, 15:41 Uhr
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Letizia Signorin, expert operator , illustrates the actual benefits
Letizia Signorin, expert operator , illustrates the actual benefits  Bild: Letizia Signorin

EN [ENA] Bioginnastica® gymnastics that massages the body Letizia Signorin, expert operator, illustrates the actual benefits both in pregnancy and in working life and for those who play sports. Highly recommended, for good longevity, to people close to the third and fourth age.

Bioginnastica® was born in the 90s by Dr. Stefania Tronconi as part of a motor activity project sponsored by the Higher Institute of Physical Education of the University of Urbino. In 2000 the first three-year training school was born with the aim of spreading the method, which is currently highly appreciated in Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Marche, Lazio, Veneto, Lombardy and continues to spread throughout Italy. From pregnancy, to sport and in working life, in re-education and rehabilitation, Bioginnastica® accompanies the person for their balance and well-being. C and illustrates the methodologies Letizia Signorin expert operator at the "Biolab Center" in Imola.

Letizia, the success of Bioginnastica is now recognized internationally. Your approach as it happened: "I am 33 years old and for 15 I have been practicing Bioginnastica® on me while for five I have been teaching it individually and in groups of people in my gym. I started this path because I had back pain, it causes an accident when I was 11 years that had fractured me 3 thoracic vertebrae. This discipline, as I practiced it, eased my psycho-physical tensions, improving listening to my body and teaching me to let go of everything that in the days made my body "overloaded "Both physically and emotionally.

Your training in this discipline: I started the three-year school of Bioginnastica Operator in Faenza created by Stefania Tronconi, creator of the methodology. A path during which you learn above all that Bioginnastica® starts from listening to the body, a training to welcome and perceive the self, the ability to perceive it in its rigidity. Subsequently, we dedicate ourselves to finding the harmony of the body, through a synergistic work, which allows to bring out the psychophysical blocks and the rigidity to dissolve them in their tension and charge Finally, we try to promote psychophysical integration, perceiving a new body reality, free to express itself in its own movement, giving new vitality and energy. Italia News

Therefore, well-being is assured for those who choose this healthy methodology and that in this period of forced inertia for quarantine, you would recommend to readers: "Bioginnastica® was born in the context of university research and has evolved as a multidisciplinary-scientific protocol. Experience is a teacher of knowledge, knowledge is experimenting in all areas in which the body is the protagonist. Thanks Letizia, we also add your contacts for any supplementary information: "Of course, and as soon as we could resume our activities, we would be delighted to let you try this healthy and truly exciting activity in our 'Biolab' gym in Imola". Information: " " - Biolab Imola Center -

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