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Travel and Tourism - Marche, Riviera del Conero: Camerano

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Camerano Caves
Camerano Caves  Bild: Italia News

EN [ENA] The Marche as the "perfect Italian destination" for summer 2020. This is the announcement of a famous international tourist magazine that mentions it for its medieval villages, but also for a true paradise of the Adriatic coast. Explore a territory rich in millenary history: Camerano

The well-known "Riviera del Conero" ideally represents a coastal and rocky strip at the base of Monte Conero, history of Camerano. At the internal border of the Conero Park we find Camerano, "the town of Rosso Conero and underground wonders". Dating back to the Picena era, the town is famous for its sandstone and clay caves that extend for 3 kilometers under the entire town. As the locals say: "in Camerano there is more below than above", the tunnels and passages in fact form a real underground city, with numerous circular rooms, domed vaults, columns, architectural ornaments and religious symbols.

But Camerano is also known for the production of “Rosso Conero” wine. In fact, the town has always had a wine tradition appreciated by connoisseurs from all over the world and celebrated annually with the Festa del Rosso Conero in September.The small historic center also has some precious things including the statue of Carlo Maratti, a painter of the second half of the seventeenth century born and lived in Camerano to whom the old Maratti theater is registered. Then, a photo from the pretty balcony with a suggestive view of the Conero park is inevitable, an ideal place to enjoy a coffee or an aperitif at sunset, while continuing to admire the wonders of the area. (Alice Generi, italian communicator)

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