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Puglia, a journey among nature, culture and cuisine.

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Brindisi not only sea … From the Roman Columns to suspended theatre: a trip between history and mistery
Brindisi not only sea … From the Roman Columns to suspended theatre: a trip between history and mistery  Bild: Giorgio Esposito

English [ENA] Filia Solis, Indian Mail, East's Door, door of peace: there are many terms to describe Brindisi, access point to the Salento's magnificence and silent bearer of a great legacy. Land of Messapic civilization at first and then heart of the Roman Empire.

In his harbour, that look like a deer's head, Cesare and Pompeo had fight an epical battle, and then it was an important meeting point during the Middle Age and a connection between London and Bombay during XIX century. Today the city “Filia Solis”, like Federico II di Svevia named her, is famous for people that want to spend time through Salento’s landescapes. But despite his anonymity the city, hided in its alley, conserve the signs of a glorious past. It would be a good reason to come back to Brindisi. For this cause we greet you with a “brindisi” (in English “let’s make a toast”), the most famous greeting in Italy that was born here. During the Roman Empire period many left for Greece from Brindisi.

Starting from the port that historian De Leo named “the most famous imaginable” it is possible to admire in the distance one of the most peculiar castle of the XV century: the castle Alfonsino. Looking at the dock you’ll see the “Scalinata Virgilio” (Virglio’s stairway) that gets in “Piazza Virglilio” (Virgilio’s square) in which there is the house where the great poet lived and the Roman Columns. Walking down Via Colonne you’ll pass through the bell tower’s arc, dating back to the XVIII century, and you can arrive in Piazza Duomo where, first of all people can notice the cathedral, which houses the remains of saint Theodor. Going back to Piazza Duomo and passing through Via Tarantini a second walk will lead you to the San Giovanni. l

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