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Milan, the Italian city most loved by tourists

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Castello Sforzesco, a true historical symbol of the city
Castello Sforzesco, a true historical symbol of the city  Bild: Martina Petralia

EN [ENA] Recognized as one of the "Big Four", together with Paris, London and New York, it represents a real point of reference for the fashion world. An old Milanese saying says: "anca i moron fan l'uga", meaning that mulberry trees also make grapes; everything is possible even when it seems impossible.

Milan's beating heart is the Duomo of Milan, one of the most famous gothic base cathedrals in the world, also known as “la Fabbrica”, due to the constant and continuous restoration and maintenance work necessary for the preservation of the monument. The Duomo museum offers a visit starting from the terraces, reachable on foot or by lift, through the side aisle from which you can take wonderful photos of the new Milan skyline. Once you reach the terraces you are at the foot of the Madonnina, protector of the city, and you can admire the innumerable spiers that adorn the cathedral. The Duomo offers a visit below the cathedral where the most ancient archaeological area of ​​the city rises, nucleus of the first Milanese Christianity.

Complete this Milan tour, "the Darsena and the Navigli", a system of navigable canals, which have always been protagonists of city life. The walks along the canals smell of light-heartedness, between nightlife, aperitifs and street artists. Divided into two parts, the Alzaia Naviglio Pavese and the Alzaia Naviglio Grande, together with the Darsena and Piazza XXIV Maggio, the famous gateway to the nearby Corso di Porta Ticinese, are today synonymous with design, architecture, fashion and much more, while in the past they were working-class areas, of poor people, far from today's idea of ​​luxury and luxury. Of the poor era, but full of history, there remain the Railing Houses and the Vicolo dei Lavandai.

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