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Camino de Santiago: spirituality & invitation socializing

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"Il Cammino" is the experience that millions of pilgrims have lived along the road that leads to the tomb of San Giacomo  Bild: Giorgio Esposito

EN [ENA] An experience to do at least once in a lifetime. More than 300 thousand often travel it every year stating: I believe it was the path that sought me and not vice versa. The stretch is generally done on foot but it can also be done by bicycle, on horseback ... in absolute simplicity and safety.

Although the best known is the " Camino Francès " which starts from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port and arrives in Santiago in 772 kilometers and about 30 days of walking, there are other paths which then intersect with the Francès one. One of these is the " Camino del Norte" (from Baamonte and Arzua for 62.9 km), then the "Camino de Invierno" (from Albaredo to Lalin for 100.7 km), the "Camino Primitivo" (from O Acebo to Melide for 126 km) and the "Camino Portugués" (from Tui to Santiago for 107.9 km). Then there is also the version of the "Italian Camino" which after 1500 km from Rome, joins with the "French itineraries" to Arles in Provence If you decide to travel the last 100, or 150 or 200 km, you will meet many pilgrims from these other.

The regions crossed by the Compostelana route are: Navarre (and Aragon for those who entered Spain from the Somport pass instead of Roncesvalles), La Rioja, land of renowned wines, Castile-Leon with its immense mesetas, Galicia, land always green and Celtic culture. The most suggestive places are many, but some are particularly evocative as they are linked to legends or miracles that occurred there; Roncesvalles, Santo Domingo de la Calzada, with the only cathedral in the world to have a cage with two live hens inside, San Juan de Ortega, an ancient monastery lost in an oak grove at a thousand meters above sea level, O Cebreiro, a fairy place and mysterious at 1300 meters above sea level on the Galaic-Cantabrian mountain range, the gateway.

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